Warrior Pass Membership

Get access to ALL of our current & Future courses, monthly live stream trainings + more

With the Warrior pass membership you will get access to all of our amazing courses as well as our future courses, monthly Face-to-Face live stream training with Shifu Yan Xin and the community for as long as you are a member. This is a great value package, working out as little as €16.42 per month (with the yearly pay option), the price of the pass will go up in the future as our course library grows, but you'll be grandfathered in at this price for as long as you stay with us.

Warrior Pass Membership

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Warrior Pass Membership

An ever evolving journey

With a Warrior Pass Membership you will get access to all of our current courses as well as future courses, as well as access to monthly live trainings with Shifu Yan Xin. You will get early access to new courses pre-launches, so you can start training before anyone else.  You also get access to extra training resource library with replays of all past Live Training, monthly advice videos from Shifu and more.

We also have built a private KFL Warrior Forum Group where all warriors around the world can meet in one place, build a great community share training tips and experiences. 

We will be introducing a step-by-step curriculum path, this is great for beginners as you can follow the training path to get on the right track building solid kung fu training. 

Examination will be introduced as well, so students can register for examinations when the examination doors are open every 3-6 months, get assessed by Shifu Yan Xin personally and get feedback and certificate. 

We have already started to roll out the changes, more to be added in 2020, so looking forward to be on this new KFL Warrior journey with you!