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  • 100% Happiness Guarantee - 7 Days No Question Asked Full Refund if we don't exceed your expectations.

  • Full Access to Wellness Membership + Kung Fu Membership

  • Daily Live Face-to-Face Interactive Classes - We will be adding more classes as our members grow

  • Monthly Live Member's Tea Chat + Q & A/ Feedback Sessions

  • Member's Exclusive Early Access to Course Releases

  • Access to FULL Course Library (Current & Future Courses)

  • Exclusive Step-by-Step Shaolin Kung Fu & Qi Gong Curriculum path suitable for complete Beginners as well as Experienced Practitioners

  • Examination & Certification for Passing Curriculum Levels (Optional)

  • Member's Community Forum - You will be welcomed to a very warm and helpful KungFu.Life Community

  • Special Member Discounts to our Events such as Live Seminars/ Workshops and Yearly Summer Retreats

Warrior Pass Membership

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Soft Fist (Rou Quan) | Shaolin Qi Gong

New online course | Pre-Release to Members

New online course now pre-released to our members, where each week 1 section of the form is released to members. The course presented in bite sized sections, making the learning of this intricate Qi Gong form accessible to anyone who wishes to learn.
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Soft Fist (Rou Quan) | Shaolin Qi Gong

Shaolin Tiger Fist

Live Classes Starting on 28 March 2022

Starting on Monday 28 March, every Monday at 19:00 -20:00 Dublin Time, Shifu Yan Xin will take you through a one hour live session - training this fun and powerful Shaolin Animal Form. For those of you who can't attend live you can follow the replays of the live class in your own time. The live classes work great as a complimentary training sessions to our Shaolin Tiger Fist self study course. To join the live classes and get access to the Shaolin Tiger Fist Online Course just join us as a Warrior Member. We look forward to seeing you in class!
Shaolin Tiger Fist

Shaolin Chain Fist (Lian Huan Quan) Workshop

First Combat Application Form of Shaolin - Live Interactive Workshop - 11 June 2022

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Shaolin Kung Fu Foundations Workshops - Spring 2022

9 APRIL | 14 MAY | 11 JUNE

Over the course of the next three months, we will be holding a series of online workshops dedicated to Kung Fu Foundation Training. 

In each workshop Shifu Yan Xin will focus on one particular area to help you correct, improve and consolidate your movements.

The workshops offer you the opportunity to bring your attention to detail and to work on adjusting and making changes that will help you improve your movements and your Kung Fu practice in general.

“Foundation training is the basis for everything. No matter where you are on your Kung Fu journey, you will begin to notice, that what it comes down to, time after time are the foundations such as the stances and kicks, that make your Kung Fu Solid, Strong & Outstanding.“ 


NEW | USA Shaolin Kung Fu Classes

Live Classes Starting on 5 April 2022

We are excited to announce that we are adding 3 Weekly NEW Live Classes for our USA Students, starting on 5 April 2022. Damien, who has trained with Shifu Yan Xin for over 15 years will be taking our USA students Shaolin Kung Fu Classes every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. ➡️ 7:00pm EDT New York Time 🇺🇸 OR ➡️ 4:00pm PDT LA Time 🇺🇸. Classes all take place via Zoom, or follow replays in your own time. To participate in the live classes or follow the training via replay join us as a Warrior member.
NEW | USA Shaolin Kung Fu Classes

Beginner's Tai Chi & Daoist Meditation

Live Classes Starting on 30 March 2022

Starting Wednesday 30 March 2022, our Tai Chi and Daoist practitioner, Jimmy, will hold a 45 minutes beginner’s Tai Chi class (all levels welcome) combined with Daoist meditation. We hope this class can bring you much needed groundedness and stillness in these chaotic times. We hope to see you every Wednesday throughout April. Time and Date: Wednesdays at 19:00 - 19:45 Dublin Time. (Or follow replays in your own time). JOIN AS A WARRIOR OR WELLNESS MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION.
Beginner's Tai Chi & Daoist Meditation

2022 Warrior Member's Interactive Live Classes

Join us for daily live classes with other members around the world. If you can't make it to the class live you can follow the replays in your own time afterwards.
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2022 Warrior Member's Interactive Live Classes


Online Course - Just released to members.

Join as a Warrior Member to get access to learn this form early + Daily Interactive Live Classes, access to our Full course Library, & More..
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Warrior Membership

As a warrior member you enjoy the full package of membership benefits, included in your membership plan are Shaolin Kung Fu Online courses, Shaolin Wellness Online Courses as well as Weekly Interactive Live Classes. 

The online training courses are designed for you to take in your own time and the Live Classes takes place in real time every week. You will get to meet and train with other KungFu.Life members in the Live Interactive Classes, 

The live interactive classes are great to keep you motivated with training, during this live sessions you get to train with other KungFu.Life members from around the world, meet lovely people, as well as get your questions answered/ movements corrected by KungFu.Life Teachers. 

We believe that combining self training with Live Class training you really get the best out of this online Training Experience. 

Live Interactive Class Time Table

Warrior Member's

Warrior Curriculum Path

to become the best Martial Artist in Kung Fu & Life

Kung Fu training is a life long journey, in KungFu.Life, we have divided the learning path to become a distinguished Martial Artist in to Four Stages:

Level 1: Ren (人)

Level 2: Da (大)

Level 3: Tian (天)

Level 4: Fu (夫)

This 4 levels are made up of the Chinese character, (pronounced 'Fu'), which is the second word that makes up Kung Fu, 功夫. 

 (Fu), is composed of;

人 (Person/ Human)

大 (Growth/ Expansion)

(Sky - Meaning reach for the sky, reach for your potential) 

夫 (Breaking through your limits and become a distinguished Person/ Martial Artist)

What the word Kung Fu Means is that through time and effort one can achieve mastery in any field, hence the word 'Fu' (夫), denotes that through training of Kung Fu one can become distinguished person in life.

So we have designed the KungFu.Life curriculum path around this notion, hoping to guide you through this growth, expansion, reaching your potential to become even better version of your best self that you had ever imagined.

We hope through training with us you will be find and cultivate your best Self and Best Martial Artist!