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    All sessions are streamed online, access when ever you have internet access.

  • 14 Video Sessions

    A total of 14 sessions where this relatively complicated kick is broken down to tiny parts making it possible for anyone to learn.

  • 1:40hr+ Video Contents

    Over 1hr 40 minutes of video contents with easy-to-follow, Step-by-step instructions.

Key Features

Not all butterfly kick courses are created equal

  • Level: intermediate and above, but beginners are welcome to take the challenge.

  • This AWSOME kick is broken down in to focused and detailed bite sized sessions, making this relatively difficult kick accessible for anyone who wishes to learn.

Course curriculum

  • 02
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    • Warm-Up
    • Warm - Down
  • 03
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    • 1. Preparation Training
    • 2. Body Swing FREE PREVIEW
    • 3. Stretch & Balance
    • 4. Bird Balancing Turning
    • 5. Jump & Exchange Legs
    • 6. Train with Me
    • 7. Stationary Butterfly Kick
    • 8. Running Butterfly Kick
    • 9. Left Side Butterfly Kick
  • 04
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    • Well Done!
    • What Next

About the Course

Have you ever wanted to do those AWESOME Kicks you see in martial art movies? Well, Butterfly Kick is one of those amazing acrobatic kicks you see movie stars doing in films. Just by looking at the kick you might feel it’s not an easy kung fu technique to perfect, well, fear not, Master Yan Xin, with his life long kung fu training and teaching experience have dissected the Butterfly Kick into intricate details making this kick possible for anyone to learn.

Who is the course suitable for:
We recommend this course for anyone who wishes to take on the challenge of learning this amazing kick.

If you are a complete beginner your are still welcome try the course, but you might find that you will feel more confident to go ahead with this course after you a do the Leg Stretching and the Shaolin Foundation kicks course. 

Of course, for those of you who are confident, by all means go ahead and challenge this Butterfly Kick course right away.

How is the course presented:
Master Yan Xin uses a very personal approach throughout the course; you will find he is training with you every step of the way, directing you with clear instructions, so it’s very much like having a private training session with Master Yan Xi

Butterfly Kick

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