Soft Fist (Rou Quan) | Shaolin Qi Gong

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Shaolin Rou Quan is a traditional Qi Gong form or we call it an 'internal' (nei gong) form in Shaolin. As with all Shaolin internal qi gong forms, it is practiced to strengthen our Qi, our internal organs and to enhance our health and vitality. The course presented in bite sized sections, making the learning of this intricate Qi Gong form accessible to anyone who wishes to learn.
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Soft Fist (Rou Quan) | Shaolin Qi Gong

The Core Elements of Shaolin Soft Fist - Rou Quan.

Live Interactive Workshop Coming Soon - Saturday 20 August (15:00 BST - 17:00 BST)

Come and join us live or via replays to this intriguing workshop where Shifu Yan Xin will guide you through the the core movements of Rou Quan, this will help you gain a deeper understanding and benefit more from the training of this form by yourself. This is a great workshop that compliments your online learning. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.