Key Features:

  • An Ancient Shaolin Qi Gong Form that is designed to build your internal Strength, Qi and Vitality & take you to a place of Inner Peace and Tranquility

  • Suitable for all levels including total beginners

  • A 4 Week Program taught by Shifu Yan Xin (34th generation Shaolin Disciple) via easy to follow Step-by-Step video lessons.


Strengthen Your Internal Qi, Energy & Vitality


Shaolin Qi Gong, Luohan Shiba Shou focusses on building up our Qi (internal energy) and moving the Qi around our body. The movements used in this form are designed to direct our internal Qi through fluid, continuous movements, generating a strengthening flow of energy; within the form and our body.

The transition from movement to movement and it’s continuity within the form is essential to keep our internal Qi flowing.

The main purpose of practising this form is for us to learn how to cultivate, utilise and direct that internal energy throughout the whole body.

Regular practice of Qi Gong, and Luohan Shiba Shou as one of its forms, helps to improve and increase our energy levels in daily life, sharpen our focus, calm our mind and to build our internal strength, developing a healthy and strong body, mind and heart.


Luohan Shiba Shou is part of Luo Han style Kung Fu, which is one of the oldest and representative styles of Shaolin Kung Fu. The roots of this style date back to the early eras of Shaolin.

When this style and form was created, it functioned as part of the Shaolin monk’s movement practice to build up strength and energy, to support their meditation practice, which would consist of sitting for long hours each day.

Over the centuries many Luohan style sand forms have developed and are summarised the the term Luohan Quan, 罗汉拳, which translates as 'Arhat Fist' and is an overall name for all the Chinese martial art styles, that are named after the arhats, the holy Buddhist figures.

Luohan is the Chinese name for the Sanskrit (religious and classical literary language of India) word Arhat, or Arahant (Pali) in Buddhism. An Arhat is one who has gained insight into the true nature of existence and has gained spiritual enlightenment through the guidance of a teacher.

In early Buddhism an Arhat was the highest ideal of a disciple of the Buddha. Therefore the ‘Luohans’ or ‘Arhats’ stand for the ultimate goal in a monk’s journey, reaching the level of becoming a Luohan, in daily life as well as in the martial art.

This is how the Arhats are described in the Dhammapada (very small part of the Buddhist canon of scripture): 

" There is no more worldly existence for the wise one who, like the earth, resent nothing, who is firm as a high pillar and as pure as deep pool free from mud. Calm is his thought, calm his speech, and calm his deed, who, truly knowing, is wholly freed, perfectly tranquil and wise. "

 [ Verses 95 and 96; Acharya Buddharakkhita translation.]

These words give an idea of the spirit that is embodied by the movements of this Qi Gong form.

Many versions of the ‘Luohan 18 Hands’ Form have developed over time, but most Shaolin lineages have mainly kept one form. It is considered as one of the fundamental forms in Shaolin Kung Fu.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Show details
    • Arhat 18 Hands (Luohan 18 Shou) - Demonstration
    • About Shaolin Arhat Eighteen Hands Qi Gong (Lou Han Shi Ba Shou) - 罗汉十八手
    • How to Participate in this Course
  • 02
    Preparation Training
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    • Preparation Training
  • 03
    Luohan 18 Hands - Section 1
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    • Session 1: Cat Stance Palm Push
    • Session 2: Circling Hands, Cat Stance 3 Pushes
    • Session 3: Nail Stance Push Palm
    • Session 4: Golden Rooster Stance
    • Session 5: Training the Movements Together - Section 1
  • 04
    Luohan 18 Hands - Section 2
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    • Sessions 6: Turning Your Body Smash & Turn Body Stamp Punch
    • Session 7: Turning Gong Bu Elbow Push & Turning Nail Stance Cat Palm
    • Session 8: Knee Up Push, Uppercut Push, Gong Bu Push
    • Session 9: Training the Movements Together - Section 2
  • 05
    Luohan 18 Hands - Section 3
    Show details
    • Session 10: Body Turning, 3 Punches & Elbow Push
    • Session 11: Flick Punches, Cloud Hands & Horse Stance
    • Session 12: Training the Movements Together - Section 3
  • 06
    Luohan 18 Hands - Section 4
    Show details
    • Session 13: Turning Push, Step & Split Arm Punch
    • Session 14: Block, Block, Nail Stance Push Hands
    • Session 15: Training the Movements Together - Section 4
  • 07
    Luohan 18 Hands - Completion Training
    Show details
    • Session 16: Shaolin Luohan 18 Hands Qi Gong Whole Form Training

How to Participate in this Course

There are in total 16 Video Sessions in this course, to get the most out of training please take the sessions in the order they are presented.

The whole courses is divided into 4 Sections, each section has learning sessions and one Training session, the course ends with a Whole form training session. 

You can learn the form in your own pace but we recommend that you learn no more than one sections a week so that there is time for you to take in the details of each section and practice them before moving on to the next. This way you get the most benefit out of the learning experience. 

All the learning sessions are streamed online (not downloadable), the 5 training sessions are downloadable, so after you finish learning the form, you can continue with the practice of the form by going back to the training sessions to refine your practice. 

Shaolin Qi Gong Practice is life long journey, you will find different treasures along different stage of practice. 

We hope you enjoy learning and practice this beautiful Shaolin Treasure, Arhat Eighteen Hands (Luohan Shiba Shou).

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