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    All learning sessions are streamed online, The 4 Consolidation training sessions and the LAST Full form workout sessions are downloadable so you can take the full training with you where ever you go.

  • 20+ Training Sessions

    A complete and structured, Step-by-Step training program on Drunken Fist. This is an amazing artistic form, Shifu Yan Xin breaks down the most complicated movements so that you are able to learn and train this form to the highest standard where-ever you are in the world.

  • 5 Week Program | 6hr+ Video Contents

    A content rich course, carefully designed to allow you to learn the Drunken Fist in 5 Weeks.

Key Features:

  • An advanced level kung fu training course

  • Characteristic of Form: Drunken Steps, Drunken eye, Drunken emotions, body/ movement seems drunk, but mind is clear. Unleashing your inner drunken master.

  • Advanced Movements: Tornado Kick, Back-Spinning Kick, Back-Sweep Kick, Butterfly Kick, Kick-Up (Fish Flip Kick), Shoulder Stand, Ground Combat

Course curriculum

  • 02
    Drunken Fist Full Form - Demonstration
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  • 03
    Preparation for Training
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  • 04
    Week 1 | Set 1 - Warriors Toast, Bottoms Up
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    • Session 1: Warrior Toast, Bottoms Up | 壮士敬酒,底朝天
    • Session 2: Wrap Your Head, Eagle Claws | 缠头裹脑,鹰爪指
    • Session 3: Warrior Drink, Drunken Walk | 壮士豪饮,醉步连
    • Session 4: Back Spinning kick, Wheel Roll | 转身摆腿,轱辘转
    • Session 5: Training with Me - Set 1 Consolidation Training
  • 05
    Week 2 | Set 2 - Continuous Shovel Kick, Black Dragon Twisting Rise
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    • Session 6: Continuous Shovel Kick, Black Dragon Twisting Rise | 铲腿连环, 乌龙搅
    • Session 7: Falling Drunken Steps, Escaping the Danger Zone | 碎步跌退, 脱险境
    • Section 8: Swing Left and Right, Butterfly Kick | 左轮右甩,蝴蝶踹
    • Session 9: Block Left and Right, Twist and Push Arm, Back Attack | 左右格抓, 拧压靠
    • Session 10: Training with Me | Set 2 - Consolidation Training
  • 06
    Week 3 | Set 3 - The Mighty Horse Kick, Tornado Kick Lifting the Barrel, Hero's Pride
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    • Session 11: The Mighty Horse Kick, Tornado Kick, Lifting the Barrel, Hero's Pride | 骏马提足, 旋风脚 抱坛饮酒,豪气显
    • Session 12: Knee Up, Push kick & Roll Forward | 提膝蹬腿, 前滚翻
    • Session 13: Turning Sweep kick, Smash & Back Spinning Kick | 转身后扫, 连环踢
    • Session 14: Training with Me | Set 3 - Consolidation Training
  • 07
    Week 4 | Set 4 - Turning and Pouring, one More cup
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    • Session 15: Turning and Pouring, One More Cup, Drunken Steps, Knee Up Block | 转身斟酒,在一杯, 醉步连连, 提膝挡
    • Session 16: Continuous Sidekicks, Falling Sky Kick, Back Rolling, Drunken Fall | 踹腿连环, 朝天蹬, 翻身后滚, 醉汉扑
    • Session 17: Push-up Jump & Shovel Kick, Fish Flip Kick, Last Drunken Steps, Shake your Head Wake Up Your Mind | 跃身铲腿, 鲤鱼跳, 醉步结尾, 清头脑
    • Session 18: Training with Me | Set 4 - Consolidation Training
  • 08
    Week 5 | Combat Applications of Drunken Fist
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    • Session 19: Combat Applications | Set-1
    • Session 20: Combat Applications | Set-2
    • Session 21: Combat Applications | Set-3
    • Session 22: Combat Applications | Set-4
  • 09
    Week 5 | Drunken Fist Full Form - Training
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    • Week 5 | Drunken Fist Full Form - Training
  • 10
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    • Well Done & Congratulations!

About the Course

Drunken Fist is an ancient art  of Shaolin, it is an artistic and strategic  combat form. There are many forms of Drunken Fist out there, this particular Drunken Fist course is designed by Shifu Yan Xin (34th generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple)  using Shaolin kung fu principle encapsulating the the essence of Drunken Form | Drunken Master. 

This is an advanced Shaolin Form | Taolu, there are lots of advanced kicks (such as tornado kick, butterfly kick and more) and ground combat techniques in this form. Also mastering the drunken emotion, drunken steps and eyes are also a more advanced part of the Shaolin kung fu training. 

How to Train Drunken Fist| Drunken Master| at Home

The Drunken Fist courses is broken down to 4 sets with 20+ Training sessions (Including preparation training session).

To get the most out of the training, please aim to complete each session fully and practice well before moving on to learn the next session. 

The speed we recommend you train at is to only focus on one set of movements a week, really aim to learn and practice the movements in the consolidation training before moving on to the next set.  

If you aim to train a set a week you will be able to learn the form in 4 - 5 weeks, that is only learning the form, to master the form it will take a lot more practice after you have learned the form; so after you have gone through the course, go back and practice the sections by training the consolidation sessions at the end of each set. 

You may need longer than 1 week to learn the movements in one set as everyone learns at different speed, and that is perfectly ok, it is best to do the learning in your own speed and learn the form to the best of your abilities than rushing through waisting your time and achieve nothing. 

There are some advanced kicks in this form;

  • Tornado Kick
  • Back Spinning Kick
  • Back Sweep Kick
  • Butterfly Kick
  • Kick Up (Fish Flip Kick)

Our advice is to not be caught up in doing the perfect kicks whilst learning| training this form, some of you may find that you are not yet able to do some of the kicks, that is ok, for now the key is to concentrate on the flow of the form, in the learning sessions Shifu Yan Xin will show you how to do alternative movement for harder kicks so you can do that whilst you still learning. After you have learned this form really well then you can progress on to focus on mastering the kicks. 

Who is the course suitable for:

This course is best for students who has already done some foundation kung training, it is an advanced level course, but for those of you who are eager to start it is possible as the course is broken down to bite size steps enabling anyone to learn, but you may find it harder to master the form.

To prepare for the course we recommend you follow our Shaolin curriculum:

Good luck with training, We really hope you have a lot of fun training this Drunken Fist!

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