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    All learning sessions are streamed online, the LAST workout sessions is downloadable so you can take the full training with you where ever you go.

  • 10 Training Sessions

    A total of 10 sessions including Introduction, Warm up, Learning sessions, Workout training sessions and Completion.

  • 2hr+ Video Contents

    Over 2 hours of video content with Easy-to-follow, Step-by-step instructions, Bite sizes video training sessions.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all Levels.

  • Through the training of these 6 kicks you will be able to improve the flexibility, strength and control of your kicks.

  • The sessions will lead you to build up your skills to not only completing the 6 foundation kicks in the course but also prepares you to train more advanced kicks and Shaolin Forms.

Course curriculum

  • 01
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  • 02
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    • Warm Up
  • 03
    Training Sessions
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    • 1. Zheng Ti Tui | Front Upward Kick
    • 2. Xie Ti Tui | Diagonal Upward Kick
    • 3. Ce Ti Tui | Side Upward Kick
    • 4. Li He Tui | Inside Crescent Kick
    • 5. Wai Bai Tui | Outside Crescent Kick
    • 6. Cai Jiao | Hand Smash Flick Kick
  • 04
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    • Training the Kicks together
  • 05
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    • Well Done!
    • What Next

About the Course

You will be bale to learn and train 6 key Shaolin foundation kicks in this course.

  • 1. Front Upward Kick (Zheng Ti Tui)
  • 2. Diagonal Upward Kick (Xie Ti Tui)
  • 3. Side Upward Kick (Ce Ti Tui)
  • 4. Inside Crescent Kick (Li He Tui)
  • 5. Outside Crescent Kick (Wai Bai Tui)
  • 6. Hand Smash Flick Kick (Cai Jiao)

Through the training of these 6 kicks you will be able to improve the flexibility, strength and control of your kicks. Training the foundation kicks will also prepare you for later advance kicks training as well as forms training.

 A lot of forms use these foundation kicks, for example, Zhen Ti Tui (no.1), Wai Bai Tui (no.5), Li He Tui (no.4), Cai Jiao (no.6) all appear in the well-known Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan and Cai jiao (no.6) is used in Tong Bei Quan. As you can see these kicks are an integral part of Shaolin Kung Fu training, by training these kicks you are already building the foundation work needed for more advanced kung fu training. 

Who is the course suitable for:
This course is suitable for all levels and abilities. For beginners it is very good to build the good habits and foundation for kung fu training right from the start. For more advanced students this course will help you improve your existing foundations as well as helping you to enhance your performance in advanced kung fu training.

How is the course presented:
Master Yan Xin uses a very personal approach throughout the course; you will find he is training with you every step of the way, directing you with clear instructions, so it’s very much like having a private training session with Master Yan Xin.

Recommended Course to do beforehand:A good course to do before this would be the Kung Fu Leg Stretching, this course will help you stretch your legs extensively and allow you to perform the kicks better. However, this is optional, as we already provide you with a basic warm up session to follow in the course that is designed to get you ready to train the kicks.

Preparation Courses

To get the most out of training I recommend you to complete the following courses:

Shaolin Foundation Kicks

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