• Stream Online

    All 7 Sessions are streamed online, as long as you have access to the internet you will be able to learn and train anywhere.

  • Track Your Progress

    Track your progress as you learn and discuss with other students about your learning with our as you train.

  • A complete Program

    A complete & structured training program, taught in 7 easy to digest step-by-step video sessions by Shifu Yan Xin.

Key Features

  • Suitable for total beginners to kung fu

  • A detailed course where 5 Stance Fist is broken down in in depth detail by Shifu Yan Xin allowing anyone to learn with precision, grace and power.

  • Introducing you to the 5 Fundamental Stances and 3 Hand Techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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    • Hello & Welcome
    • Recommendations for Training
  • 02
    Let's get started!
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    • Part 1: Introduction to the basic stances of Shaolin Kung Fu | Ma Bu (Horse Stance) & Gong Bu (Bow Stance)
    • Part 2: Introduction to the basic stances of Shaolin Kung Fu - Pu Bu (Crouch Stance) | Xie Bu (Cross Stance) | Xu Bu (Cat Stance)
    • Part 3: Introduction to Kung Fu Hands work - Quan (Fist) | Zhang (Palm) | Gou Shou (Hook)
    • Part 4: Wu Bu Quan Form Learning Section 1.
    • Part 5: Wu Bu Quan Form Learning - Section 2
    • Part 6: Wu Bu Quan Form Learning - Section 3
    • Part 7: Wu Bu Quan Learning - Section 4
  • 03
    Next Steps...
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    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you
    • Video Feedback from Shifu Yan Xin

5 Stance Fist | 五步拳

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