• Stream & Download

    All learning sessions are streamed online, the LAST 2 workout sessions are downloadable so you can take the full training with you where ever you go.

  • 15+ Training Sessions

    A great introductory course to Animal Forms, we begin with the Tiger. All the movements of the Tiger are deconstructed into bite sized training sessions allowing anyone who wishes to train able to train. Application of each movements is also taught.

  • 5 Week Training Program

    Through weekly training sessions, Shifu Yan Xin will take you through step-by-step the KEY elements of a Shaolin Tiger Form, from entering into the Tiger emotions, to combat applications of the Tiger form.

Key Features:

  • An intermediate level training course

  • First step into Shaolin Animal Forms

  • You will learn how to adapt the Tiger's unique ability in your kung fu training. The form is characterised by the aggressiveness, powerfulness and speed of the mighty tiger.

Course curriculum

  • 02
    How it should be Done
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    • Xin Tiger Form - Demonstration
  • 03
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    • Warm-up
    • Warm - down
  • 04
    Drills Training
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    • Xin Tiger Form Drills Training
  • 05
    Week 1 Training- Movements: Tiger Attention | 虎视眈眈
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    • Session 1: Tiger Attention | 虎视眈眈
    • Session 2: Tiger Hunting | 老虎叼食
    • Session 3: Consolidation Training - Set 1
  • 06
    Week 2 Training- Movements: Cat Stance Tiger Claws | 虚步亮爪
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    • Session 4: Cat Stance Tiger Claws | 虚步亮爪
    • Session 5: Jumping Kick, Preying Tiger | 腾空二踢, 老虎扑食
    • Session 6: Consolidation Training - Set 2
  • 07
    Week 3 Training- Movements: Tiger Open Its Mouth | 老虎大张嘴
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    • Session 7: Tiger Open Its Mouth | 老虎打张嘴
    • Session 8: Turning Bow Stance & Tiger Rip | 老虎分食
    • Session 9: Consolidation Training - Set 3
  • 08
    Week 4 Training - Movements: Stamp & Roar Tiger Palm | 震脚助威,虎出击
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    • Session 10: Tiger Continuous Kick Attack | 老虎连环踢
    • Session 11: Tiger Scratch Elbow Attack | 虎抓肘击
    • Session 12: Consolidation Training - Set 4
  • 09
    Week 5: Whole Form Training | Workout
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    • Xin Tiger Form Workout - Part 1
    • Xin Tiger Form Workout - Part 2
  • 10
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    • Well Done!

About the Course

Xin Tiger Fist is created by Shifu Yan Xin as an introductory course to Shaolin Animal forms. The name 'Xin' represents Shifu's name '新‘.

Shifu has created this Tiger form as the first step one would take into exploring the Shaolin Animal Forms.

With Shifu's 30 years of Shaolin Kung Fu training and teaching background he has constructed the KEY elements of the Tiger Form and then deconstructed these elements in this course so that you can gain an in-depth understanding of the Tiger Form, from entering into the emotions of a Tiger to  extracting the Tiger's unique wild abilities into your kung fu practice. 

We hope through training this course you will be able to explore and find your inner power, dig out that inner power and release that new found power whether that is in Kung Fu training or in your everyday lives.   

How is course presented:

Shifu Yan Xin has designed this course for you to learn the form in 5 weeks, so each week you will be presented with a set of learning and training sessions to follow, and the goal of that week is to fully focus on training that set well, This way you can get the best out of training and really soak in the details of each set before moving on to the next set of movements. 


Who is the course suitable for:

This course is best for students who has already done some foundation kung training, it is an intermediate level course, but for those of you who are eager to start it is possible as the course is broken down to bite size steps enabling anyone to learn, but you may find it harder to master the form.

To prepare for the course we recommend you follow our Shaolin curriculum:

Xin Tiger Fist

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