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    All learning sessions are streamed online, the LAST workout sessions is downloadable so you can take the full training with you where ever you go.

  • 17 Training Sessions

    In these 17 sessions Shifu Yan Xin shares with us his unique personal insight into what he believes are the 10 KEY foundation techniques of the Staff weapon to master any Staff form.

  • 2:30 hr+ Video Contents

    Over 2.5 hours of video contents Easy-to-follow, Step-by-step instructions Bite sizes video training sessions.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all Levels

  • Learn 10 KEY Foundation Techniques of Shaolin Staff that will help you to master more advanced Staff forms or competition forms.

Course curriculum

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    • Warm - Up
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    • Staff Foundation Full Training Workout
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About the Course

The Staff is one of the most representative weapons of Shaolin Kung Fu; it is a weapon that is readily available in abundance in nature yet it is powerful. It is one of the first weapons one would practice before moving on to mastering other weapons.

In this course Master Yan Xin takes you step-by-step through the basics of understanding the staff weapon, to mastering the 10 Key Foundation Techniques that are necessary to learn in order to master any other Staff forms.

The teaching and techniques presented in this course are the essence of Master Yan Xin’s personal comprehension from over 30 years of training and teaching of Shaolin Kung Fu; as a result the teachings in this course are very unique, you will not be able to find similar materials elsewhere.

This course will prepare you for more advanced Shaolin Staff forms such Yin Shou Gun (Yin Hand Staff – 阴手棍). 

The techniques on their own are also good movements to be choreographed into your competition forms. 

Who is the course suitable for:

This course is suitable for all levels and abilities. The in-depth step-by-step instructions will enable anyone to start training the Foundation techniques of the Shaolin Staff.

How is the course presented:

Master Yan Xin uses a very personal approach throughout the course; you will find he is training with you every step of the way, directing you with clear instructions, so it’s very much like having a private training session with Master Yan Xin.

Preparation Course

To get the most out of training it is recommended that you complete the following course beforehand

Shaolin Staff Foundations

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