Your Natural Medicine to a Stronger Health

In the ancient times in China, Kung Fu, especially Shaolin Kung Fu was used as a natural 'medicine' to enhance one's health. If a child was weak in the olden days, the family would send the child to train Kung Fu 强身健体 (to make him/her stronger).  

The wholistic approach of Shaolin Kung Fu trains every part of our body, strengthens our mind, body, heart, feeling of wellness and happiness, this is something can't be find from modern training methods such as going to the gym.

In our Shaolin Wellness Membership Package we focus on the Qi Gong & Wellness Side of Shaolin Kung Fu, which includes elements of:

Shaolin Qi Gong & Breathing Exercises:(Helps us to generate more Qi/ Oxygen to our body and enhances the stregnth of our Qi).

Shaolin Stretching Methods (Working on our tendons and muscles, and helps with the fluidity of Qi/ Energy/ Oxygen Flow).

Kung Fu workouts, here we work to strengthen our muscles, tendons, cardiovascular health. 

Shaolin Meditation, to calm our busy mind, find clarity amid a world of busyness and confusion; Carve out a strong path to our heart, nourish our heart and find our true heart's desires .

Shaolin Qi Gong & Wellness

Your Membership Benefits

  • 100% Happiness Guarantee - 7 Days No Question Asked Full Refund if we don't exceed your expectations.

  • Daily Live Face-to-Face Interactive Classes (Including Qi Gong & Tai Chi) - We will be adding more classes as our members grow

  • Quarterly Live Member's Tea Chat + Q & A/ Feedback Sessions

  • Member's Exclusive Early Access to Qi Gong/ Wellness Course Releases

  • Access to Wellness Course Library (Current & Future Qi Gong & Wellness Courses)

  • Step-by-Step Shaolin Wellness Training Road Map

  • Member's Community Forum - You will be welcomed to a very warm and helpful KungFu.Life Community

  • Special Member Discounts to our Events such as Live Seminars/ Workshops and Yearly Summer Retreats

Get Access to Shaolin Qi Gong & Wellness Courses + Live Interactive Classes
Shaolin Wellness Membership
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  • Renews Every 3 Month.
  • Instant Access to Wellness Courses
  • Daily Wellness Live Interactive Classes

Summer Retreat 2023 - Join us Virtually

3 - 7 Aug, 2023 - Glendalough, Ireland. | Five Animals Qi Gong | Shaolin Seven Star Fist

Our in person Summer Retreat is BACK this year. Join Shifu Yan Xin here in the Glendalough Valley here in Ireland this August, where you will be sharing 5 days of memorable experience with an amazing group of people, in a very special place. - Now Fully Booked, but you can join us Virtually wherever you are in the world!
Join us Virtually
Summer Retreat 2023 - Join us Virtually

Wu Qin Xi - 五禽戏 | Virtual Retreat

Transform your Health and Emotions

This Qi Gong, Wu Qin Xin, when translated literally to English means 'Five Animals Play'. The Five Animal Qi Gong is an ancient set of Chinese Qi Gong practices that work to strengthen our internal organs, emotions, Qi (Oxygen) and Xue (Blood) flow. The practice of this form helps us to heal and strengthen our organs and in turn transform our negative emotions.
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Wu Qin Xi - 五禽戏 | Virtual Retreat

Seven Star Fist | Virtual Retreat

Qi Xing Quan - 七星拳 (Power, Control, Mastery)

The Seven Star Fist is one of the most Classic forms of Shaolin. This is a beautiful, poetic yet very powerful traditional Shaolin Form, where every move requires precision, power, Jing (Essence), Qi (Energy / breath) and Shen (Spirit). Though this is quite an advanced Shaolin form to master, Shifu Yan Xin will break it down step-by-step so that all levels can learn and get the essence of this form to the best of your abilities, allowing you to become the best Martial artist you can be.
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Seven Star Fist | Virtual Retreat

Be Water, Be Kind

2023 KungFu.Life Member's New Year's Wellness Program with Shifu Yan Xin

To celebrate the year of the Water Rabbit we are introducing our 2023 New Years Program ‘Be Water, be kind', Inspired by Bruce Lee’s quote
‘Be water my friend’.

In this 2 Week morning program we will train our body to be stronger and more healthy.

Train the mind to be kinder, wiser and happier.

Drop by drop, pixel by pixel we build up your health and energy, so that you have the capacity to give and receive kindness like the ocean, creating abundance in your life and for those around you.

The program will be a combination of Kung Fu movements, Qi Gong and Mediation lead by Shifu Yan Xin.

You can now follow this 2 Weeks Wellness program in your own time via the replays of the live sessions, just join us as a KungFu.Life member to start training today.