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In the ancient times in China, Kung Fu, especially Shaolin Kung Fu was used as a natural 'medicine' to enhance one's health. If a child was weak in the olden days, the family would send the child to train Kung Fu 强身健体 (to make him/her stronger).  

The wholistic approach of Shaolin Kung Fu trains every part of our body, strengthens our mind, body, heart, feeling of wellness and happiness, this is something can't be find from modern training methods such as going to the gym.

In our Shaolin Wellness Membership Package we focus on the Qi Gong & Wellness Side of Shaolin Kung Fu, which includes elements of:

Shaolin Qi Gong & Breathing Exercises:(Helps us to generate more Qi/ Oxygen to our body and enhances the stregnth of our Qi).

Shaolin Stretching Methods (Working on our tendons and muscles, and helps with the fluidity of Qi/ Energy/ Oxygen Flow).

Kung Fu workouts, here we work to strengthen our muscles, tendons, cardiovascular health. 

Shaolin Meditation, to calm our busy mind, find clarity amid a world of busyness and confusion; Carve out a strong path to our heart, nourish our heart and find our true heart's desires .

Shaolin Qi Gong & Wellness

Your Membership Benefits

  • 100% Happiness Guarantee - 7 Days No Question Asked Full Refund if we don't exceed your expectations.

  • 4x Live Face-to-Face Interactive Classes per Week (Including Qi Gong & Tai Chi) - We will be adding more classes as our members grow

  • Monthly Live Member's Tea Chat + Q & A/ Feedback Sessions

  • Member's Exclusive Early Access to Qi Gong/ Wellness Course Releases

  • Access to Wellness Course Library (Current & Future Qi Gong & Wellness Courses)

  • Step-by-Step Shaolin Wellness Training Road Map

  • Member's Community Forum - You will be welcomed to a very warm and helpful KungFu.Life Community

  • Special Member Discounts to our Events such as Live Seminars/ Workshops and Yearly Summer Retreats

New Year Special Offer

€22 off Yearly Warrior or Wellness Membership forever - This Week Only!

To help you make your first step to a healthier, happier and more prosperous 2022 we would like to offer all members who joins us for the whole of 2022 on a yearly Warrior or Wellness membership €22 off your subscription FOREVER ( until you decide to cancel by clicking a button from your student dashboard).
New Year Special Offer

New Year's Shaolin Wellness Program - Next Session Starts in

3 Weeks to Plant the Seed of Health, Happiness & Prosperity for your Year

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Plant the Seed of Health, Happiness & Prosperity for your year

2022 Shaolin Wellness Program - Starting 17 January

We invite you to join Shifu Yan Xin for 3 weeks of 15 - 20min morning sessions to plant the seed of Health, Happiness and Prosperity to your 2022.

This program will take place live between Monday 17 January and Friday 4th February, taking you from year of Ox (which ends on 31 January 2022) across to the Chinese New Year of Tiger which start in February 2022.

Each weekday (Monday - Friday) Shifu Yan Xin will work with you on setting an intention for the day and take you through a session of Shaolin Qi Gong, kung fu and end the session with a calming and clearing meditation.

You can join live every morning via zoom at 6:30 am GMT (Dublin | London Time) or you can follow the video recordings in your own time.  

We hope by the end of the 3 weeks you will feel fully revived, abundant in energy and ready to create a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022 for yourself and your loved ones in this Year of the Water Tiger.

To join this program live or follow the recordings in your own time all your have to do is to join as a Warrior or Wellness member this January.

Soft Fist (Rou Quan) | Shaolin Qi Gong

New online course in the making

New online course in the making and scheduled to be Released to KungFu.Life members (Warrior & Wellness) in Jan | Feb 2022.
Soft Fist (Rou Quan) | Shaolin Qi Gong

2022 Wellness Member's Interactive Live Classes

Train interactively live or with replays early morning Live sessions on Shaolin Wellness, Yang Style Tai Chi, Shaolin Qi Gong, Daoist Meditation and more..
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2022 Wellness Member's Interactive Live Classes

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