Key Features

  • Suitable for all levels including total beginners

  • 9x 45 minutes Training Sessions with Shifu Yan Xin (34th Generation Shaolin Disciple)

  • Train in the Comfort of You Own Home

About this Training Program

When the  covid-19 hit us back in 2020, we wanted to do something to help,  we thought as a way to give back to the community and by do what we can to help is to provide this Power Up You Health and Boost Your Immunity Live Stream Training course for free for everyone who wishes to join.

This training program is a designed by Shifu Yan Xin  (34th Generation Shaolin Disciple) based on the wholistic ancient Shaolin Kung Fu | Chinese medicine Principle of combing external training of the body with gentle to deep stretches of the tendons to allow your blood and Qi flow more fluidly, and dynamic, static and cardiovascular workouts and internal strengthening of our Qi (Our breath) and our organs (with more focus on working to strengthen the lungs) through the training of Shaolin Qi Gong.

What is Qi?

Qi is the foundation of all human life, it means breath, oxygen in Chinese, when we stop breathing we stop living, as long as we have one breath we are alive, the stronger our Qi the stronger our lives.

So in these few weeks, through the training of Shaolin Qi Gong we will make our Qi stronger and more fluid, enhancing the amount of Qi in your blood circulation

In these few weeks, Shifu Yan Xin will take you through a journey of discovery, enhancement and empowerment of your body, mind, sprit and most importantly your health and immune system, working on your Qi (Your Breadth), Your circulation, your tendons and muscle which will naturally unblock any blockages you have in your system and strengthen your health and Immune system. 

How to participate in this training program:

This program was done via face-to-face Live Streaming with Shifu Yan Xin and other students from across the world during April and May 2020, although, now  that the live sessions have finished you can still enjoy the benefit of the training by following the recordings of the live sessions in your own time. 

We recommend that to gain maximum benefit out of this Boost Your Immunity program it is best to train for 2 sessions a week, 45 min each session. (Even if you can keep to a minimum of 1 session per week, it will do wonders to your health and vitality)

Program Schedule

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    Welcome - How to participate in this Live Stream Program
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    • Welcome from Shifu
    • How to Participate in this Workout Program
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    Training Sessions
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    Thank You For Training with us
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