Shaolin Qi Gong & Wellness 6 Months Gift Pass

What is included:

  • The recipient of the Gift Pass will get full access to all of our Shaolin Wellness Membership benefits for 6 months from the day the gift is activated.

  • 4x Face-to-Face Interactive Live Classes per Week (Including Qi Gong & Tai Chi) - We will be adding more classes as our members grow

  • Monthly Live Member's Tea Chat + Q & A | Feedback Sessions

  • Member's Exclusive Early Access to Qi Gong | Wellness Course Releases

  • Access to Wellness Course Library (Current & Future Qi Gong & Wellness Courses)

  • Step-by-Step Shaolin Wellness Training Path

  • Member's Community Forum - You will be welcomed to our very warm and helpful KungFu.Life Community

  • Special Member's Discounts to our Events, such as Live Seminars, Workshops and Yearly Summer Retreats

How it Works

After you purchase the Gift Pass, you will get access to instructions on how to send the gift to the recipient. 

You will get access to a link, where the recipient can activate their 6 months Membership Pass.

You will also get a downloadable gift card that can be sent out digitally or printed to be given away. 

A Natural Medicine to a Stronger Health

Give the gift of Wellness

In the ancient times in China, Kung Fu, especially Shaolin Kung Fu was used as a natural 'medicine' to enhance one's health. If a child was weak in the olden days, the family would send the child to train Kung Fu 强身健体 to make him/her stronger.  

The wholistic approach of Shaolin Kung Fu trains every part of our body. It strengthens our mind, body, heart, feeling of wellness and happiness. This is something hard to find in modern training methods, such as going to the gym.

In our Shaolin Wellness Gift Pass Package we focus on the Qi Gong & Wellness Side of Shaolin Kung Fu, which includes elements of:

Shaolin Qi Gong & Breathing Exercises: Helps us to generate more Qi/ Oxygen to our body and enhances the stregnth of our Qi.

Shaolin Stretching Methods: Working on our tendons and muscles, and helps with the fluidity of Qi/ Energy/ Oxygen Flow.

Kung Fu workouts: Here we work to strengthen our muscles, tendons, and cardiovascular health. 

Shaolin Meditation: A tool to calm our busy mind, find clarity amid a world of busyness and confusion; Carve out a strong path to our heart, nourish our heart and find our true heart's desires.